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Welcome to our website!

One of the new features available is our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that answers common questions you may have and questions you didn't even know to ask. Please e-mail us with your questions if we don't already have it answered on the FAQ page or another page on our site. This is also where we explain some of the processes and methods we use to make or repair jewelry.

Be sure to check out our Jewelry and Collection pages where pictures are available to help you with your purchase decision. There are pictures of available inventory, as well as customized work we have done over the years for various customers. Available items will be for sale on-line soon. If you have a customized piece from us and do not see it pictured, contact us if you'd like to have it displayed on our website. If you are interested in something we have shown in the gallery please see our contact page and call us for details, availability and pricing information. Also, please keep in mind that the pictures we have chosen are just a few of the available designs we can make or get. We can custom design and create just about anything you can imagine.  There are so many designs that we could never fit them all on one website. So remember, this is just a taste of what's available. We hope to see or hear from you soon.

We truly appreciate you taking time out to visit our new website to do some preliminary research. An informed consumer makes better decisions. We have enjoyed serving the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas for over 35 years!

Thank you so much. We hope our site has been helpful for you, if not please let us know.









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