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Custom Designed Jewelry Info

This is the main focus of Jack Hood Jewelers, Inc. As the name implies, we have the capability -- and willingness-- to make the article of jewelry you desire exactly the way you want it. To make a long story short, with us, you can have it your way!

There are many techniques that can be employed in making a custom designed piece of jewelry. They range from a simple assembly process, in which various parts and/or stones are selected from available picture catalogs and assembled by the goldsmith to create a finished piece. For example, one might own or select for purchase a diamond or colored gem of a certain shape and size, and then select a band style and the appropriate setting (head) style and size to secure the stone. When all parts are permanently assembled and polished and the stone is set, the finished piece is unique to your taste.

Many designs visualized by our clientele cannot be accomplished strictly by the assembly process described above for various reasons. Sometimes the principle stone is of non-standard dimensions, and cannot be set in any available standard dimension setting. There are several gold fabrication techniques for making a setting to fit the stone.

Perhaps a desired band style is not available as a "ready made" in the width or finish desired--it can be custom made in a number of ways. These and other techniques are available in our custom workshop. In addition to these, however, one of the most versatile ways to make a desired piece to custom dimensions is through the Lost Wax Casting process, which is another option at Jack Hood Jewelers, Inc. and is discussed below.


Jewelry Repair


More basic repair and pricing information available upon request. For consultation and quotes on any repair/rebuilding project not listed on here, please contact us via email or phone. Final quotes on any repair job will only be rendered after our
hands-on analysis of the article in question.


Ring Sizing


Solder Rings Together


Rhodium Plating per item


Prong Repair (stone remains in place)


Prong Replacement or Rebuilding (stone removed during repair)


Chain Repairs (Most lightweight styles, no parts required)


Specialty Chains (Heavier or more complex link structures)


Pearl Stringing

We restring pearls that have broken or just need to be re-strung.

Knotting is the process of tying a knot between each pearl as you string them. It is done to prevent the loss of multiple pearls if the strand were to break and to eliminate friction wear between individual pearls.


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We Service:

All brands of Wristwatches and Pocket/Pendant watches.
Rolex repairs and accessories.

While You Wait Services:

  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Watch band replacement
  • Watch band link removal
  • Spring bars
  • Case cleaning

Services that require you to leave your watch with us

  • Crystal Replacement
  • Movement Repair/Replacement
  • Hands reinstalled/replaced
  • Dial finishing
  • Cleaning
  • When the back cannot be removed or replaced

*Three Step System During Battery Testing or Replacement:

Step 1. Watch is shop analyzed to determine repairs/parts needed and an Estimate is prepared.

Step 2. Estimate is submitted to customer

Step 3. Upon customer's approval, repairs are accomplished.


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